Le Morimont & le Labo M

A former 18th century farmhouse, le Morimont has since 2006 been an entity bringing together several complementary activities (a hotel, a reception hall, a flower farm, a carpentry workshop and an association) aimed at bringing life to the site while respecting its environment.

The association at the heart of this beautiful place: Le Labo M. Its members think and experiment around the issues of autonomy and resilience. They then share it all during festive events (festivals, creators’ markets, repair’cafĂ©…).

The association Le Labo M aims to create connections and to reappropriate artisanal and agricultural know-how for resilience in the face of ecological and societal constraints. To achieve these objectives, the association organises public events, experiments with alternative lifestyles and sets up transmission and educational programmes.

The association was created in 2018 by eight founding members in order to give a legal structure to activities that had existed on site for many years. It now has about thirty members and meets by video every week to prepare the next activities.

You are welcome to join the adventure for a journey together!

Activities of the association

The association has several types of activities, some of which are one-off, such as the organisation of events, and others which are spread throughout the year, such as hosting international volunteers, planting/permaculture and woodworking.

If you wish to participate in the association, you can join us for any of the existing projects, or you can propose a new activity on the site, we would be delighted to enlarge the scope of the association!