Practical info
Getting there

Several options available!

By bus:

Buses from Ferrette, a village near Morimont. Depending on your starting point, look at lines 830, 831, 832 and 851. Timetables and routes are available on this page. There will still be a few kilometres to go.

By train:

From Switzerland, take the train to Vendlincourt station.

From France, take the train to Delle, Altkirch or Belfort TGV.

Then you need a short drive, get organised!

Sharing cars

In order to improve accessibility to the Festival, we have set up a carpooling system with an easy tool from mobicoop: on this link.

We would really appreciate it if all drivers would register their car: our beautiful meadow transformed into a car park will thank you!

Hitchhiking to Le Morimont

If you come during the day, you can hitch a ride to Ferrette and then Oberlarg, many people know the castle of Morimont, and will drop you off near the festival!


In a tent

The best way to enjoy nature around Morimont is to sleep in a tent! A large space is reserved for camping, and sanitary facilities (outdoor hot showers with watering cans, compost toilets) are available to campers for the duration of the festival!

The weather can be chilly, so bring warm clothes.

Outdoor showers

For VW Combi!

A flat car park is reserved for campervans, close to the campsite: you will have access to compost toilets and outdoor showers!

Under the stars in the forest

A good way to sleep at the festival is to come with your hammock to set up in the forest for the night, with the owls! A change of scenery guaranteed!


The food truck:

A foodtruck will be present, with vegetarian options. On Saturday, burgers (veggie or not), and on Sunday, buns!
Be aware that unlike big festivals, the Morimont is very small, so there is less choice for food. So make sure you bring enough to eat ;)
Note: Please note that payment by card is not possible on site!
Schedule : Saturday to Sunday

Wraps fkambés:

Wraps flambés (including vegetarian) can be purchased in the barn.

Hours: every evening

The bar:

The bar offers a range of good drinks and beers from the region.

For a snack between dances: gluten-free cakes, sandwiches, fruit, etc.

Drinks are sold via drink tickets, which are available at the entrance to the barn.

Hours: during the balls

The tisanerie:

A cosy, warm place to have a tea or a rum concoction, to warm up from the inside!

Drinks are sold via tickets, available to purchase at the entrance of the barn.

Opening hours: to be defined


Children are welcome!

The Tisanerie will be a privileged place for the children: it’s a warm place and equipment will be available to help manage the little ones: reheating small dishes, serving meals, nappy changing, etc…

The program (stories, walks, workshops, bal des lutins and concert in the forest) is planned to entertain children!

Do not hesitate to inform the organisation if you plan to come with your children!


There are already dogs and cats in Morimont, who live on the spot (not to mention all the local fauna which the place belongs to much more than to us!).

If you wish to bring your pet with you, please let us know beforehand and we will deal with these requests on a case-by-case basis.

Not informing of your arrival with an animal can lead to conflicts (between animals and festival-goers).

We don’t want to prohibit access to animals but we want to be able to anticipate things!

Have you found something that seems to be lost during the festival? Do the owner a favour and leave it at the entrance to the barn. This is also the place to go if you have lost something yourself.

The Morimont is a bit of an outpost… and the wifi sometimes gets lost along the way!

There is free wifi at the hotel reception, but we are limited…