All tickets have been sold.

Tickets only available in presale, no tickets will be solk on site.

Included in the price are: access to the barn, camping, toilets, showers, some free workshops and a fantastic environment!

Workshops are sold separately.

Children under 12 get free entry for the whole weekend.

Buy and sell tickets with others

All tickets are sold, but you can still buy some from people that cannot come. Have a look at this website to see all the tickets that are sold.

If you want to sell your ticket, please sign-in with the address you used on the online shop, then click on « Mettre sur la bourse ».


We do not offer direct refunds for tickets purchased, except in cases of force majeure. If you still want a refund, please contact the festival organisation at

Find your tickets | Ticket exchange

This link contains the app for :

  • Find your tickets and their numbers for the festival,
  •  See which tickets are available for resale and contact the sellers,
  •  Addyour tickets to the sale.

If you already know who you want to sell your ticket to it’s possible! You can Transfer your tickets directly to someone you know (without going through the public exchange).

Notes :

  • No password to remember (phew!), just enter your e-mail address and a code will be sent to you to connect. Clever!
  • If you’ve already exchanged your ticket with someone, you can enter the exchange on theapp: it only takes a few seconds. Thanks! From an organisational point of view, this clarifies exchanges and makes the work of the volunteers at the entrance easier.

We look forward to seeing you at the Festival Folk au Morimont 2022!