Folk au Morimont

4 – 6 Oct 2024


11 – 13 Oct 2024

To celebrate the festival’s 10th anniversary, we decided to double the size of the audience, but without changing the comfort of the dance. So there’s only one solution: make it two editions!

The line-up will be more or less the same for both editions, the aim not being for the same people to take part in both, but for twice as many people to benefit from the festival!

PS: New challenges are opening up for the organising team and the volunteers: we’ll be recruiting a whole team of new volunteers (soon!), so we’d like to hear from anyone who wants to be part of the team! :)

TICKETS ONLINE (no ticket sales on-site)

Spirit of the festival

The festival Folk au Morimont is a small festival of traditional music and dance during which participants can share good times together in a simply magnificent place. Music and dance are the bases of the event but the magic created brings much more than a simple bal.


The festival changes its theme every year. And this year, the theme is the childhood!