Dear Morimont everyone

How are you?
It is Shoko from Japan, Okinawa.
I have been a little over a month since I returned from France.
What I met with you is the treasure in my life.

My life changed a lot after I returned from Morimont.

I moved to Okinawa as a region with many nature, and my job is my favorite social worker.

In Morimont, everyone always asked, « Shoko, what do you want to do today is what makes you happy? » And I always supported my experience.
I was able to enjoy a lot of happiness with joy.

>From now on I hope to live my life from joy.

I am sincerely thankful for your love.

I will attach my blog. It’s in Japanese. [see translation below]
If you do not mind, please translate it with Google translation etc. and read it.

I pray for the health and happiness of my favorite Morimont.
With love and gratitude.

Shoko Mashiki

PS, I am very good at making tart flambé, I often make and enjoy (^ ^)


[Translation from Shoko’s Blog]

As part of a great circulation

I will write about the experience in France from mid April to late May.

In this trip we utilized the system called  » workaway « .

In the system that host families provide accommodation and meals in exchange for labor, it is very useful for people who experience various experiences through not only traveling around sightseeing spots but also living locally and deeply involved with people I think that it is a recommended system.

My place of residence is a place where hotel management and permaculture etc. which valued the connection with nature are practiced and helped to spread the natural material for adjusting the temperature on the floor under construction on the floor under construction Or how to care for the light and wind to enter easily in plants planted in fields as well as gardens and fields gathered together with nature and how to provide compost made at home as plant nutrition I was taught. Also during the stay my host family organized music and dance events, and while also helping that, I also saw how people enjoy the sound and rhythm greatly.

And they also took us to a workshop to learn symbiotic networks of trees, a network of roots built underground worked with fungi to move water, carbon and nutrients among all tree species, I also learned that research has revealed that it is cooperating and living.

Everyday was full of experience of the gem.

The days of experience of such a gem was able to be sent to my host families always, « What do you want to do today? What will you be to your pleasure? », I always support my experience It was because they were both pleased.

Through this journey, I felt the joy of living together.

Forest who walked while taking a deep breath every day and spoke to the trees, the days spreading in front of our eyes, the color of flowers in the field that changed, encounters with people who interacted with many hearts.

The experience of rich circulation that tastes the present together with nature and people and rejoicing each other is the cornerstone of my future life and I can live my life by reducing and circulating myself as part of nature and the great circulation of the universe I am thinking to try it.

☆ Notice ☆

Psychotherapy counseling therapy of « Niji », which I practiced for about two years due to changes in lifestyle thinking, is scheduled to end once at the end of this month (the end of June 2018).

Thank you so much for your continued support.

I hope everyone I met through my brothers will continue to live a beautiful life in the future.

Thank you so much.


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