Hello everyone !

This post will be in English, but in a easy [bad] English, so that eveyone should easily understand everything !

Last week, I went on the workaway.info website to see this equivalent of wwoof.fr for places that don’t only do farming. Thanks Pilar for this usefull information ! The “farm” side beeing not so developped, it fits better than wwoof at the moment.

After maybe 15 minutes looking at other hosts on the website, I said to myself “hey why not, looks cool !” and registered. It took me maybe one more 15 minutes to answer the questions to create my profile.

OK, that’s done. But…

Some hours later, I tell Eglantine that I put le Morimont on workaway and she said that she knew, because people who came at Folk au Morimont last year ask her on facebook if they could come because they saw us on the workaway website !

Then in the built-in messaging system of workaway, the inbox had already three message of people to come in the next days… wow ! That’s fast !

4 days after the first log-in, we now have Hannah and Annika from Germany here at our place, Tish from US will arrive by plane tomorrow, and we are organizing with the 6 others people for them not to come all at the same time !

That’s nice, very nice ! We have so many projects here we don’t find time to begin, because there’s already so many to do, help of workaway people will be very welcome !

Thank you in advance for every one of them, I hope it will be a good time for everyone, and let’s bring le Morimont to the next level ! :)

We will give some feedback in some days – and maybe ask volunteers to write down a small post about their stay here – what would you think about this ? Like what we did during our trip with people riding with us, Françouais & David !

Have a good day !



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